Worlds Away From Everyday
Worlds Away From Everyday
Games for PalmOS Handhelds and Tapwave Zodiac
In the beginning.

Pocket Dimension is the work of four students who dreamed of producing their own video game, whilst completing their Computer Programmer/Analyst diplomas at Conestoga College in Ontario, Canada. The initial project -- Pocket Dimension v 1.0 -- was developed sporadically over the course of seven months. While the game was primarily coded by one member, others on the team provided input regarding the plot, details of combat simulation, map creation, graphic design and conceptual gameplay.

After the initial release of Pocket Dimension in August of 2000, public response was incredible! Pocket Dimension quickly became one of the most downloaded role-playing games on Palmgear's website and still remained within its top ten three years later.

Since then.

A new Pocket Dimension team, comprised of two original members and a previously unheralded contributor to the first game, have completed production on the sequel. Pocket Dimension II will raised the bar for PDA role-playing games.

Now what?

Pocket Dimension 2 sold for 3 years and is now available for free. The Pocket Dimension team has split up and now only one lone wolf programmer remains creating new games and porting others for PalmOS in general and the Zodiac in particular.